What are women Lofer

When it comes to shoes, then the first place are practicality and convenience model. Girls love to show off in high heels, but for everyday life prefer comfortable shoes. It is to this and include women Lofer. They can walk more than one kilometer, and know at the same time your feet that such a callus.

What are women Lofer

Loafer, or loafers, are shoes without buckles and laces, a rounded nose and decorated with leather tassels. In English the word loafer means "slacker". Appearance is very similar to moccasins, but the difference lies in the fact that Lofer has a rigid sole and heel.

Male and female

Classical men's shoes of this model is a short-heeled shoe and having a broad sole made of a material such as suede exclusively brown.

Women's Shoes (Lofer, in particular) is not only made of suede, but also from the patent leather. More expensive shoes made from the skin of representatives of exotic fauna. For women in terms of the heel there are no restrictions.


Lofer considered part of working clothes British sailors. Idlers (in trans. From English.) They were called because of a loose way of life of the very sailors who loved to linger in bars alcoholic and often do not have time on their ships. Similar shoes are also worn by the poor people of Norway during fishing. But their Loafer made exclusively from natural leather and without laces.

In the 30s of the nose of the Lofer began to complement the bridge, which had a slot. Passing grades to students hid a small coin penny for good luck, and sailors for a hangover for a rainy day. In the 20th century, women were Lofer without spikes. Models with heels appeared only in 2009. Popular trend they began in the 2011 season.

At the presentation of the new collection spring-summer season 2 years ago, the famous fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent offers the world a new coloring Lofer - leopard.

By the autumn-winter season this year, the designers have decorated female fashion brands Lofer crystals and stones.

combination of methods

What are Lofer? Women's fantasies in a combination of things, shoes do not know borders.

  1. For the office. Probably many have heard that these shoes can not be combined with business style. But it's not as if Lofer to choose the right costume. The best combination of Lofer with trouser suit. Amazingly, this will look high-heeled shoes with a classic skirt.
  2. There are a million different ways to wear women's Loafer with thick soles in casual style. This shoe can be worn with skirts, pants, shorts, jeans, and any image will look very stylish. But harmonious combination will depend on how well you have thought through their image in this style. What are women Lofer
  3. Pants. If you want to focus on the shoes, the clothes should be as simple as possible. The ideal company for Lofer - skinny jeans and sweater free cut. pants length should not cover the ankle. When we are talking about a combination of trousers and Laufer, an excellent option is considered to be without socks.
  4. For the youth. In order to emphasize the individuality, we must examine the brightest models. Women's Loafer in conjunction with the shabby jeans and a vest-alcoholic, will make your image unique.
  5. combination with socks. In order to understand whether it is possible to combine Loafer socks, you need to appeal to men, since this model has removed us from their wardrobe. And they, in turn, wear them with socks without them. Hence, we can! Feel free to try to trim them socks, stockings and tights. Even the great King of Pop Michael Jackson wore Lofer with white socks and look at this amazing.
  6. Trousers in conjunction with the shoes will look great. The main thing is that the length was up to the middle of the heel, and you do not have to collect all the dirt from the ground. It is ridiculous, if you tuck pants.
  7. An intriguing image is, if Lofer be rounded toe in combination with wide trousers. The color of shoes is better to choose the tone in a bag.
  8. Leather Loafer. Women's quirks incomparable. Today, many women wear such a bold shoe coat. Why not? Form-fitting on a figure Coats, Lofer and high spirits - that's the new autumn-spring image.

The romantic image of the

Who says Laufer unnecessary to create such an image? Often incongruous at first glance, items of clothing in the end create a true masterpiece.

Bohemian give thin, light and lacy skirts with fabric loafers delicate flowers.

If you have a romantic image is associated primarily with the heels, then there is a way out. This wonderful shoes with heels so skillfully hugs the foot, which she eventually receives a minimum load and a maximum of pleasant sensations.

What are women Lofer

model, decorated with ribbons, will create on the first date image of childhood innocence.

In summer you can wear them with denim shorts, but in order to emphasize the slenderness of legs, we can safely add to the image of golf.

The stars are choosing

Although these shoes relished a lot of people, but the popularity brought them celebrity and just rich people. That they had been shod Audrey Hepburn in the film "Funny Face". Their daily lives without a pair of shoes is not represented by John F. Kennedy and Grace Kelly.

In the men's shoe model Michael Jackson spent not one of his concert. Looking at Jessica Alba, one might think that Lofer produced only for her. Wonder shoes perfect for any of its image.

Even the Queen herself under his royal image of business women chose Loafer black.

What are women Lofer

Current models

Today's models are much different from the original. They are more like moccasins, just do not have such a soft and flat sole. Modern loafers have a heel of a few centimeters, but has long been established model with a heel of 12 centimeters. The only thing that remained the same - it is its stability. They are worn by people of all ages and social statuses.

What are women Lofer

If you can not imagine my life without ballet, but they are so tired, and want something new, you can safely buy a light-colored loafers. And select the desired model is not difficult, since the most diverse and unusual materials used for their manufacture.