What is most annoying women in men

• What annoys most in men women

Imagine yourself in the place of a woman who speaks with a male colleague on some topic of the day, and suddenly the conversation turns into a lecture, he begins to read it.

What is most annoying women in men

He leaned back in his chair, he instructs her about the fact that she was so well known. Or another situation - he is involved in a political debate, during which raises the issue of health care. Knowing the specific facts and figures, it feels well-versed in this matter. However, before she had any time to tell her companion begins to explain her fingers simple truths. He does not even try to assess the level of knowledge, and goes directly to the lecture.

Men are accustomed to, that women are not particularly versed in politics or "calculating", they think of health issues under force only to understand them - a real connoisseur of the situation in the country. Nevertheless, there is a "general" theme, where a woman might also like to share my, perhaps even unique ideas and knowledge. But the man stubbornly believe that women need to instruct on all issues. For example, one man was teaching his friend how to properly pronounce her own name, because he believed that she was doing it wrong. In another case, a woman who worked for 14 years on the racetrack, and knew all about the race, said that her male clients often tried to explain how to place bets. This type of behavior when a man condescendingly "enlightens" a woman in those matters in which he believes, she knows nothing about, is not new. And men do not even stop what is actually their own knowledge of the subject can be far from complete. But to admit the possibility that a woman knows more about the subject, no - it is impossible.

Not to deal with this attitude, women should not ask questions to his companion, a man, and find information on the Internet or in a textbook.

Just do not write anything in the comments on this issue, ie. In. Again, you can run into the male users, who once again believe that you know nothing about this.

Such men are overly confident in their abilities (how do they know in the art) and think that women are less knowledgeable and therefore need their leadership. But what is even worse, if a woman is unable to overcome the insult to such behavior, and prove their worth, they are even worse insults (she is premenstrual syndrome).

It seems that these men believe that they are superior to women around. Of course, man can "teach" and another man, not only a woman. Only for men who "taught life", will not be difficult to resist his "all-knowing" the other party. What woman do in this case? Most importantly - learn to recognize this attitude and do not think that you do not know what you are talking about, when, in fact, you feel that you are competent enough. Instead of doubting yourself and your abilities, you can just tell yourself that the problem is not you, and in particular the behavior of men. Stick, believe in yourself and thus prove that you do not need the "teachings".

In the relationship with the people important to show respect to their beliefs, worldview - in this case - for knowledge, which in varying degrees, have each person. And this respect must be mutual.