The richest Kremlin officials

Members of the government of Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin's administration staff have reported earnings. Who earns the most?

The richest Kremlin officials

On Friday, April 14, President Vladimir Putin, the Russian presidential administration officials, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and members of the government published a declaration of income for 2016.

The richest official turned minister for the North Caucasus Lev Kuznetsov, the annual income of which exceeded 582 million rubles. This is nearly 68 more than the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, whose declared income amounted to 8, 6 million rubles. The richest member of the presidential administration was the first deputy chief Sergei Kiriyenko - 85, 5 million rubles. This is 10 times more than the annual income of the head of state Vladimir Putin (8, 86 million rubles).

On results of 2015 the richest among Kremlin officials also was the first deputy head of presidential administration. Then this position was held by Vyacheslav Volodin. He reported income of $ 87, 1 million rubles.

The poorest government minister turned out to the Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev declared income 5, 6 million rubles. The lowest income in the Kremlin administration was at authorized under the Child Rights President Anna Kuznetsova - 2, 8 million rubles.

The head of the presidential administration Anton Vaino earned in 2016. 9, 64 million rubles. Ministry- "heavies" Shoigu (MOD) and Lavrov (MFA) - 10, 6 million or 6, 8 mn, respectively. Revenue Minister of Culture Vladimir Medina was equal to 6, 7 million rubles. However, his wife earned last year 43, 7 million rubles.

Press-secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov, said revenue at 12, 8 million rubles. However, his wife Tatiana Navka earned the 2016 120, 8 million rubles.

The total income of the richest 10 Ministers Dmitry Medvedev and the government of President Vladimir Putin administration employees in 2016 was 1, 94 billion rubles. Take a look at the most affluent members of the Russian government.

The richest Kremlin officials

Lev Kuznetsov. 582, 1 million rubles

Affairs Minister of the North Caucasus

Following the results of 2016 Kuznetsov headed the list of the richest officials in power, moving into second place last leader Mikhail Abyzova. For year income Kuznetsova increased 12 times - from 47, 9 to 582, 1 million rubles. Income his wife increased 3 times - from 10 9 to 32 7 million. Press-service of Russian Minkavkaza explained that the declaration includes income from real estate transactions and deposits. Including expensive real estate in Moscow was sold.

In return for the year 2016 have Kuznetsov, 11 land plots with total area of ​​17 900 sq. m (one of them - in France, an area of ​​3385 sq.). One house in Russia (564 sq. M) and a single - joint ownership - in France (180 sq. M). Plus apartment in France (109 sq. M), four-car garage (three of them - in France) and about 20 houses, including the building of a transformer substation and power supply cable network. The property Kuznetsova have cars, "Mercedes Benz" A5, BMW M5 and 'Ferrari' 599 GTB.

The richest Kremlin officials

Michael Abizov. 520, 9 million rubles

Minister for the open government

In the ranking of income among the Russian government ministers for 2015 Abizov was the leader - 455, 6 million rubles. Following the results of 2016, he has declared 520, 9 million rubles.

The property Abyzova has two flats (135 and 162 sq. Meters) and two rooms (15 and 19 sq. M). The gratuitous use his daughter and son Abyzova has two plots of land (1337 and 3663 sq. M) and three residential buildings (900, 211 and 551 sq. M) and flat (318 sq. M). Abizov owns two vehicles ( "Mercedes-Maybach" and "Mercedes-Benz" AMG G63), motorcycles collection ( "Harley-Davidson", "Yamaha" and two "Ducati"), helicopter ( "Robinson 44") and snowmobiles (Yamaha ").

The richest Kremlin officials

Yuri Trutnev. 356, 9 million rubles

Deputy Prime Minister and Presidential Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District

For the year Trutnev's income has doubled - to 153, 8 million rubles (Declaration of 2015) to 356, 9 million rubles. envoy's wife earned for the year 834 777 rubles.

In joint ownership Trutnev and his wife has a plot of land (3722 sq. M), two houses (346 and 171 sq. M) and several non-residential buildings. The couple own a BMW X6 SUVs, "Nissan Patrol", "Porsche Cayenne" and "Mercedes Benz" the ML, as well as ATV Polaris ATV and trailer TIKI - Treiler.

The richest Kremlin officials

Denis Manturov. 129, 4 million rubles

Industry and Trade Minister

official income at the end of 2015 amounted to 144, 7 million rubles. For the year it decreased to 129, 4 million rubles. Manturova wife earned last year 4, 5 million rubles.

The property has in Manturova land (11 420 sq. Meters), flat (481 sq. Meters), a guest house (1,224 sq. Meters), several commercial buildings and parking lots. Wife owns a home area of ​​640 sq. m. The property minister appear six cars, including "Land Rover", "Moskvich 412", "VAZ-2103", "Lada Vesta", "GAZ 21" and "Moskvich 408".

The richest Kremlin officials

Anton Siluanov. 95, 4 million rubles

Minister of Finance

Siluanov revenue was 34, 4 million rubles in 2015. During the year it tripled by the end of 2016 declared in the amount of 95, 4 mln.

The finance minister has three land portions (9000, 10,000 and 22,964 sq. M), home (152 sq. Meters) and the flat (254 square meters), four garages and two non-residential buildings. In addition, the property Siluanov has five vehicles, including 69 cars GAZ, VAZ 21011 the X6 and BMW, motorcycles Harley Davidson FLSTC ANV 103 and BMW K 1600 GTL.

The richest Kremlin officials

Sergei Kiriyenko. 85, 5 million rubles

The first deputy head of presidential administration

Kirienko became the richest official Kremlin - for 2016 earned a 85, 5 million rubles. This is due to his work as the head of "Rosatom", where he served until the fall of 2016. For 2015 income Kiriyenko as head of state corporations accounted for 49, 2 million rubles.

The property is Kiriyenko land area of ​​7116 sq. m, a house with farm buildings area 698, 5 kV. m, residential building, parking place, fitness block and an outbuilding.

Also, the first deputy head of the president's use of the apartment is the administration area of ​​254, 3 sq. m and forest area of ​​5000 sq. m. All the declared property is located in Russia. Wife Kiriyenko during the same period of declared income in the amount of 353,248 rubles.

The richest Kremlin officials

Igor Shuvalov. 71, 8 million rubles

First Vice Prime Minister

Igor Shuvalov of 2016 earned 71, 8 million rubles, his wife - 61, 1 million rubles. Following the results of 2015 Shuvalov declared income of 97, 2 million rubles, and his wife - 92, 5 million rubles.

The property Shuvalov has four apartments (three of them - co-owned with his wife). He also owns a non-residential premises area of ​​2014 square meters. m.

In addition, Deputy Prime rents an apartment in the UK area of ​​483 square meters. m house area in Austria in 1479, 8 sq. m and a house in the area of ​​Russia 4174, 1st quarter. m.

Shuvalov and his wife own three cars - Jaguar XJ8 4.2 executive, "VAZ-2101" and "ZIL 41047". The wife of the Deputy Prime Minister and his children are in a gratuitous use of an apartment, the area of ​​which coincides with one of the apartments Shuvalov. In addition, a daughter and a son, as well as their parents rented a house in the area of ​​Russia 4174, 1st quarter. m.

The richest Kremlin officials

Nikolai Patrushev. 33, 5 million rubles

Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev took second place on income among officials of the presidential administration - for 2016 it earned 33, 5 million rubles. A year earlier, it earned almost as many - 33, 7 million rubles.

Patrushev declared land area of ​​3306 sq. m house area 249, Q1. m and the flat area 256, 6 sq. m. Hut area of ​​265 sq. m is in his use.

The richest Kremlin officials

Arthur Ants. 33, 3 million rubles

Russian presidential envoy in the Federation Council

Arthur Ants took the third place in terms of income among Kremlin officials. For a year he earned 33, 3 million rubles. Following the results of 2015 its revenue was 36, 3 million rubles.

Ants declare two plots owned area 3043 and 2348 sq. m, flat area 42, 4 sq. m and another half of the share in the flat area 101, Q3. m. Also, a house 304, Q3. m and two garage area of ​​201 sq. m and 35 8 sq. m.

The richest Kremlin officials

Igor Levitin. 30, 1 million rubles

Russian presidential aide

Igor Levitin earned during the year 30, 1 million rubles, while his wife received in less than 10 - about 3 million rubles. The property Levitin and his wife are land area of ​​3982 sq. m, flat area 118, 4 sq. m and suburban house with farm buildings area 544, Q2. m and parking place.

Levitin owns a car Mercedez Benz C180, and his wife owned Toyota Camry.