"Cieza" shampoo. customer Reviews

Choose a good remedy for hair is not so simple. Especially when you consider how many species presented today. However, shampoo "Cieza", but rather an entire eponymous line of products, compares favorably with the rest.

What a series of

Company Schwarzkopf & Henkel launched not so long ago the line means Syoss, which has already found a loyal following in Russia. It is noteworthy that this series of hair care products has its own individual mini-series of products, each of which performs its function. So shampoo "Cieza" is available in several variations.

Anti-Hair Fall

This is the new line, which includes shampoo and balm. They are part of the stem cells, the main task - strengthening the hair structure from the roots and to the tips. In this case, the manufacturer assures that no weighting is not happening. Those who have already had time to test the shampoo "Cieza" this line, of the opinion that it is very good value for money. First, the hair does not become heavier. Secondly, with the time loss is reduced. True, we are talking only about the loss of hair due to their weakening. And not about the age, such as baldness. That is why the shampoo "Cieza" against hair loss is not recommended as a drug and as a mild care product.


This series is dedicated tools that help not only clean the hair from pollution, but also to get rid of dandruff. Zinc pyrithione, make up, gently caring for the scalp. As a result, the amount of dandruff is reduced. It is noteworthy that in the series not only includes shampoo and conditioner, but also peeling. Experts recommend using it before washing the head to those who have a really strong and copious dandruff. Try this series means speak about it very positively. Many young men and women who previously could not reduce the number of dandruff in the hair after regular use of shampoo, balm and peeling during the month saw significant improvements.


This series is intended for those who, due to some reasons the weakened hair, thin and brittle. It is noteworthy that the shampoo "Cieza" this line gives the apparent volume after the first application. When this silicone in the composition means no, and therefore does not weigh down the hair and do not look too greasy. But reviews potrebitelnits not too positive. Many say that this is quite an expensive shampoo does not give the desired and stated volume. But it clears well from contamination. However experimented not recommend it, try consulting other means Syoss lines that may come to mind.

Dry shampoo "Cieza"

The company has created an innovative tool that allows you to give your hair a clean and neat appearance without washing. Dry shampoo became a hit in 2014! Many of the girls tried it, especially during long journeys. And their opinion of the product is very positive. First, shampoo and really gives the hair a neat and clean look in just a few minutes. Simply Spray on them, and then carefully comb. Secondly, it is worth such a remedy is not too expensive as it might seem. It is not recommended to use every day, or instead of the usual shampoo. This tool is designed to give freshness hair when there is no possibility of their wash. While traveling it is very important. To remedy really manifested itself in all its glory, you need to carefully shake the bottle, and then carefully combed hair. Traces of dry shampoo without any remains, but appears small but steady amount, which is enough for the whole day.