Legs rises in vise - ideal exercise to combat stomach

The press has always been an important element in the figures for both men and women. Having a sagging stomach, it is difficult to boast of great bulging arms on the beach. Also, girls are not particularly eager to open the slender legs, if you can not show a flat tummy.

But in a press question on the pump and bring the stomach to a flat state is not so bad. There are many different exercises that help to quickly bring it into order. That is, to remove fat from the abdomen or side, the only thing a person needs - persistence and work, which will be expressed in regular training.

feet rise in the vise - the perfect way to bring your press in order of

This exercise is working and completely engages all muscle fibers of the press. Because of this it can be called a complex or basic to pump the abdominal muscles and burn excess fat.

Legs rises in vise - ideal exercise to combat stomach

In the hall it is recommended to perform all the instructors, as it is simple and effective, but also have the opportunity to perform in a vise leg ups in various designs.

In addition, it is quite complex, and to implement it more difficult than, for example, twisting the press, lying on the floor. So get ready to load.

How do these upgrades?

When this exercise is to exert only the press. feet rise in the vise is better to do at the beginning of your exercise program on the abdominal muscles.

Wear the straps on the hand and firmly grasp hold of the bar. Hands should be shoulder width apart. Somknite feet. Fully straighten your body and relax - it will be called the reference position.

Then begins to rise straight leg upward. You can bring them to the level of the bar, but it will be enough to achieve and parallel to the floor. In such a situation, try to stay on for 1 second and slowly lower your legs to the starting position. Thus, perform 20-30 repetitions in 2-3 sets.

Exercise should be done slowly, feeling every centimeter range of motion. If you try to do it quickly, you simply begin to swing on the bar, that will greatly hamper observe the correct implementation of the technique.

Legs rises in vise - ideal exercise to combat stomach

If you are a venerable competitor and can do more than 30 repetitions, then wear weights with straight legs. Suffice it to 1-2 kg on each leg - and you will feel a big difference in the load. Likewise, try to do the exercise the maximum number of times.

A large load? Bend your legs

But if you feel that you exercise this option is too complicated for you, you can bend your knees. This will reduce the movement of the shoulder and reduce the burden on the press. Perform 30-40 reps and do 2-3 sets.

Of course, the amount of time is a relative value. It all depends on the level of training dealing with a person.

Legs rises in vise - ideal exercise to combat stomach

Note the error

Very often the newcomers are trained in quality and quantity. Performing leg lifts in a vise, it is necessary to follow the technique of the exercise.

Often people begin to sway, as if they are doing a pendulum, and due to this offset the weakness of the abdominal muscles. So do not.

The whole point of the exercise is to make maximum use of it the problem areas on the abdomen, and it is not necessary to include extraneous muscles or different tricks. You train for yourself, not for the coach. Follow all traffic with full dedication and halturte.

It is also a major fault by performing lifting legs in the vise on the crossbar, the athletes perform, making the grip of the bar. The strength of the brush every person is different, and one can be hung for a classic grip for 2 minutes, and the other will not be able to hold on and 20 seconds. The thumb should always bow as a bar, and the bar on the opposite side from the other fingers. If you do the opposite, you will be wrong to develop its grip wrist ligaments.

Legs rises in vise - ideal exercise to combat stomach

In order not to be distracted by the work of the forearm, can be worn on the hands of special straps to help carry out the rise of the legs in the vise on the bar as long as the tire of your press. In this case, the strap is fully offset weakness in the forearms.

Remember nutrition

legs rises in the vise will not help to become slimmer, if you do not revise your diet. Any excess fat on the abdomen is said that the body receives an excess amount of calories that he is unable to process. Because of this, all the excess is deposited in the stomach.

Regular exercise, a healthy diet, good sleep - all this will help you to normalize metabolic processes in the body, speed up metabolism and burn excess fat in the body.

Your daily diet should be such that the following rule: during the day the body should do fewer calories than consumed. Everything is logical - if you create a negative balance of inflows / energy resources costs, begin to lose weight.