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Why Adam Milstein Remains the Most Formidable force to Pro-Israeli Progress


Amidst the rampant incongruence that exists between the progressives and the radical Islamic ideas, you get the notion that anti-Semitism is an ideology causing more good than harm. Even as time has passed and more Jews have moved into America hence increasing its affluence and influence, it has not benefited the Jews in equal measure. Worse still, the growing strength of the Jewish community in America has even rendered them more vulnerable due to the rampant and excessive advocacies for anti-Semitism. The most astonishing part remains that Jewish American number in the US has never countered the growing influence of anti-Semitism by any inch. The whole hope that remains, therefore, lies in the hands of pro-Israel philanthropists who will need to use their power to neutralize the whole anti-Semitism effects.

Adam Milstein’s Influence

In these moments, great sons and daughters of the Jewish community such as Adam Milstein draw much influence. As a Jewish philanthropist who has a well-established management career in Los Angeles’ real estate industry, Adam Milstein has accumulated many decades of vast experience commercial and non-profit sectors. But focusing more on his charitable ventures finds a man who has the passion for philanthropy and development as a whole. In his life, he has dedicated his efforts and time to effective philanthropy; a move that he never regrets making. Together with his wife, they founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation just to advance the passion of helping their Jewish community in America and back in Israel.


Meaningful Partnerships

Through this outfit, Adam Milstein and his wife have engaged in partnerships and development-oriented programs that have offered support programs in more friendly ways. Through his podcast, Adam Milstein has held pertinent conversations that range from issues of anti-Semitism, Israeli-Palestine conflict and other threats that the Israelis face in the US or even back home. Through this media outlet, Adam Milstein has fostered the culture of tolerance and cooperation among the Jewish and their American counterparts.

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