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Whitney Wolfe Herd Is Swiping Left Regarding The Match Group Lawsuit

Bumble is the popular dating app Whitney Wolfe Herd created to enable women the opportunity to make the first move. Bumble has responded to a patent lawsuit filed by Match last week. The lawsuit states bumble has allegedly stolen trade secrets and violated two patents. The lawsuit has the feel of a bargaining chip since Match has made attempts to acquire Bumble. The idea may be if Bumble makes a deal the lawsuit disappears. Bumbles response is a left swipe on Match Group which eliminates any possibility of a deal.

Bumble’s ad stated they were swiping left on the multiple attempts of Match to copy, buy and intimidate them. They said no matter what the price they will not compromise their values or belong to Match. The ad further accused Match of bullying. The saga began when Whitney Wolfe Herd left Tinder. The current Bumble CEO was a co-founder who filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Match, IAC and Tinder. In 2014 she formed the dating app Bumble. The app was so successful Match attempted to acquire the app for $450 million last summer. Bumble rejected the offer.

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Whitney Wolfe Herd has made no specific statements but did say Bumble is speaking with possible acquirers including private equity firms and private companies. They are exploring opportunities prevalent due to the interest in Bumble. Whitney Wolfe Herd owns 20 percent of Bumble and Andrey Andreev owns 79 percent. Bumble is planning on fighting the Match lawsuit. The ad Bumble ran stated they would not give in to Match no matter what the demands or price were. Bumble is swiping left on their endless games and scare tactics.

The ad also spoke of Bumble being founded by women who are not afraid of the aggressive corporate culture. The ad stated they block bad behavior while being motivated to further their mission to build a brand representing equality, respect and kindness. The ad stated Empowerment was in the DNA of these women and they will not be intimidated. They spoke of the thirty million users protected by an accountable environment and suggested Match handle their own bad behavior. Bumble is focused on improving the experience of their users and taking their mission across the globe. They want every women to be aware the first move belongs to her.

Bumble stated they will always swipe left when attempts are made to disempower them and right for moves of empowerment. Their motto is bee kind or leave. The ad ended by telling Match they should consider themselves as blocked.

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