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Video Technology According to Bob Reina is the Next Big Thing in Communication

Working as a policeman for ten years can be a limiting experience both in time and wages. This was the experience of Bob Reina, a man who wanted to be in control of his life and of help to others. With a determined mindset to change the situation, he was introduced to network marketing. The business appealed to him envisioning working towards a given goal centered on a team using group effort and time to increase success. Wading through challenges, he built companies, some that went down, but he never gave up.


His breakthrough moment came in 2004 when he saw a good house in North Carolina and decided to send a short video clip to his family. However, AOL informed him it was impossible to send the video. There, an idea sprung to his head, and he called an IT specialist Dr. Jonathan Chen, where they started Video Email, Talk Fusion’s flagship project. He used direct selling model and in the process built an innovative company.


In network marketing, Bob Reina believes the key is approaching familiar people and initiate a warm relationship with them speaking in beneficial terms only. He says that Talk Fusion is a game-changing product, which created an excitement that rippled widely. Bob talked to all people he was familiar with and generated associates and customers even before they launched. Bob would sell the products to fellow police officers from his police car trunk.


A firm believer in video power, Bob Reina holds it as the best way of connecting with each other, brand personality development and best in building relationships. He is delighted with the way Talk Fusion video items perform such functions each time clients use call prospects on Video Chat, capture leads with our Sign-up Forms, hold Live Meetings, share testimonials, and Video Emails and Video Newsletters. He uses the software and web services developed by Talk Fusion such a live broadcast hosting for the company’s associates in over 140 countries, and linking up with Indonesian leaders on Video Chats that are of high quality.


Bob Reina is the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, a worldwide all-in-one video marketing Solution Company. He attended the University of South Florida while working on several jobs, and graduated as the top student in his police academy class. Keeping up with the changing global trends, Talk Fusion is a trendsetter in developing revolutionary products that are in the process of being released such as Talk Fusion University. Learn more:

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