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Tony Petrello Donates Millions for Children’s Neurological Disorders Research

     A Live Newspaper published the article “Tony Petrello and his Dedication to Philanthropic Causes” written by Steven Smith. The article discusses the Nabors Industries’ CEO Tony Petrello. The CEO is more than just a leader in the oil industry. He has become well known throughout Texas for his philanthropic endeavors, particularly his dedication to the local hospitals.

Lately, Tony Petrello and his wife have been dedicating their support to the medical community, donating a total of seven million dollars to the Texas Children’s Hospital. They do so for personal reasons. Though Tony Petrello is on the board for the hospital, it was his own experience with a difficult medical condition.

His daughter was born with a neurological disorder called periventricular leukomalacia, or PVL. His daughter was born at 24 weeks, making her an extremely preterm infant. She weighed only a little over a pound. When the doctors recognized Petrello’s daughter had PVL, they communicated that it was a disease which prevented the brain from getting adequate blood supply and oxygen. This caused her to develop cerebral palsy which causes motor skills to develop slowly along with causing other development issues.

Petrello’s experience led him to look for cures around the nation and across the world. However, his search was ultimately disappointing. Unfortunately, the medical industry has not been supported enough to conduct enough conclusive research for children’s neurological disorders.

He needed the support of the Texas Children’s Hospital. He developed contacts with another supporter, Dan Duncan who donated millions of dollars for the creation of the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute at the same hospital. The hope is that the research conducted there, supported by the donations of people like Petrello and Duncan, will help families with children in similar situations.

However, Petrello has also made large contributions to academia, particularly in the mathematics field. He recently created a gift in the memory of his late professor Serge Lang, who was Tony Petrello’s mathematics teacher at Yale. The gift is worth $150,000 and Tony has agreed to match another $150,000.

Tony Petrello gained his Bachelor’s degree from Yale in mathematics. He continued his academic career by gaining his Masters from Yale and his Juris Doctor from Harvard.

Tony Petrello began his career at a law firm practicing corporate and tax law. He eventually became one of their managing partners in New York. He moved to Texas in 1991 to become the COO of Nabors Industries. He became the President and CEO in 2011.


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