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The Positive Impact that George Soros Hopes to Make in the Community

A while back, a police officer was caught on tape shooting a black man at close range, after a routine traffic stop. The police officer claimed that he shot because he thought the man was reaching for a gun. The entire online community was outraged by the blatantly racist action. This led to the Hashtag Black Lives Matter. Within three days, the online battle had become a major activist event, and busloads of protesters were ferried to the city of Ferguson for the planned protests. What most did not understand, is where the support for all these transportation arrangements had come from. It is now emerging that George Soros was among those who supported the protests financially and learn more about George.

George Soros is a Hungarian born New York business mogul. He is ranked among the richest men on the planet. Soros is of Jewish ancestry, and his primary business interest is in the stock market. Besides business, George Soros is also very active in social activism. He is a firm believer in the participation of the people who are able in shaping the society for the better. His political and social activism has on several occasions landed him in controversy and read full article.

George made his fortune on the London Stock Exchange in the early 90’s. After his financial breakthrough, he moved to the US and set up his businesses here. In 2002, he was disappointed by the decision of the Bush administration to invade Iraq. He was disappointed the most by the humanitarian crisis which followed the bombings. He decided that he was going to support the Democratic Party candidate, John Kerry in his bid to oust Bush. He went silent in politics after Kerry Lost but was back to support the successful effort that Obama made for the White House, And

In the just concluded elections, Soros was in support of his party, the Liberals, again. This time, he donated more than $25 million in support of Clinton’s campaign. He stated that his support for Hillary was not only because she has been a close friend for many years, but also because he believed she was the right person for the job. Soros does not support the politics which are played by Trump, especially his capricious nature and his fiery temper. He still feels that the leader of the free world should not be a man who cannot control his emotions. As a Holocaust survivor, Soros believes that some of the ideas fronted by Trump and his supporters, especially those that subtly suggest white supremacy, should be shunned by the society. He hopes that the George Soros Foundation can help manage the support of activities which advocate for equality, democracy, and freedom of speech and George’s lacrosse camp.

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