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The Investment Strategies from The Oxford Club

Investors around the world considered 2017 a great year for equity investing, and 2018 is expected to follow suit. However, Alexander Green, Chief Investment Strategist of The Oxford Club says that in order for this to be a financially successful year for anyone he or she is well advised to do several things. First, start saving more for retirement. Studies show that most current retirees have saved less than $25,000, which is nearly enough to spend the rest of their lives on. Unfortunately, most people don’t save for retirement, trusting the government to help them out at that time. However, Social Security alone does not pay retirees that much so your best bet is to save so that this can be supplemented.

Secondly, don’t spend as much money investing unless you can afford to lose money and know what you’re doing. Investing can be a tricky thing. You may put a huge chunk of money into an investment hoping for an even bigger return. Ideally, that will happen but it doesn’t always. In fact, you could very well lose all of it. Thirdly, rebalance your portfolio by selling stocks that have appreciated.

The finance publisher, The Oxford Club, is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. However, it is more than just a publisher. It is also an immensely popular investment organization of very knowledgeable investors and entrepreneurs. Currently, it has 80,000 members worldwide in 100 countries. It has been committed to spreading investment ideas and philosophy for almost 30 years. It was co-founded by William Bonner, founder of Agora Inc.

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