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The American Institute of Architects and Robert Ivy Shapes the Architecture Industry in America

     In the US, the architecture division is amongst the most professional and credible sectors. This is mainly because it’s regulated and supported by reputable organizations. One important and supportive architectural body is the American Institute of Architects (AIA). AIA promotes education, community development, public outreach, and government advocacy. All these programs are aimed at supporting architectures in the US. AIA believes in strong partnership, and they work with all members of the construction and design sector to promote architecture. AIA is headed by Robert Ivy, the Chief Executive Officer, and Thomas Vonier, the President. In particular, Robert has been instrumental in AIA’s market growth.   About Robert Ivy Robert Ivy is the CEO and Executive Vice President of AIA. He joined AIA in 2011 and before the architecture organization, Mr. Ivy served a number of organizations and achieved a lot. His career kicked off in 1981 when he served as a Principal at Dean and Ivy Publications. In 1996, he joined Architectural Record as Chief Editor. After the journal, Ivy joined McGraw-Hill construction as the Vice President and he saw the magazine achieve great growth. Overall, he has amassed lots of awards in architecture. Academically, Robert possesses a BA in English from Sewanee University and a Masters in Architecture from Tulane University.   About AIA AIA was founded by a group of 13- architects in 1857 in New York City. Currently, the headquarters is in Washington D.C. After undergoing restructuring over years, AIA has become an important brand for the building sector. They enjoy open membership and they have five major levels, namely, Architect Members, Allied Members, Emeritus Members, Associate Members, and International Associate Members. As a brand, AIA offers various architectural services to the American community. One, the organization monitors the government’s practices with respect to the Architecture industry. They are able to oversee legislation affecting the sector and participate in various decision-making processes. Two, they serve the public through offering community –based architectural programs. For this reason, the public is informed of infrastructural developments and well-designed and affordable housing. Under the leadership of the President and the CEO, AIA is able to guarantee professionalism in their service delivery.   Conclusion Professionally, Robert Ivy has been an integral pillar of the American architectural industry and the AIA. He has seen AIA achieve great milestones since its launching. Robert Ivy and AIA believe in promoting youthful talent. Today, AIA has support programs for the youth which include internship offers and architects exams.

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