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Talk Fusion Is Showing What Live Video Communication And Presentations Can Do For Businesses And Non=Profits

Talk Fusion is a company that is sometimes misunderstood because they use the direct selling model to run their business, but they’ve been a growing leader in both prerecorded and live video software over the last several years. Bob Reina, the company CEO has often written articles about how video needs to be a part of business public relations because it builds even stronger relationships with customers when you have personal video messages sent to them. Talk Fusion uses email primarily to send video, but it’s become very much reliant on their app which allows you to stream live videos to your recipient without them needing any software or even the flash plugin. Talk Fusion has been highly reviewed for its high quality videos that consume very little PC or mobile device resources.


Bob Reina got the idea for Talk Fusion in 2004 about 12 years or so after leaving the police force. He had been doing various direct selling gigs when he came upon an idea of his own while on vacation and wanting to send videos he had taken to his family and friends through the AOL email client. He was unable to due to their large size, and upon contacting the AOL support team, he was told there was no way to compress those files into any email-readable format. So Reina decided it was up to him to design a product that could do that, and he and his friend Dr. Jonathan Chen went to work on it. In a couple years after a lot of testing, the first video email client was released, and when he saw what a tremendous success it was, Reina decided to start his own company name for it that became Talk Fusion.


Talk Fusion’s main products today are the live chat app, the video email and newsletter presentations, the large audience conferencing app and they now have website lead signup form software. The technology used is webRTC which allows users to get started by just using their own browser and they can either live record from their webcam, or upload a video file they’ve already created. It’s the Talk Fusion associate program that allows practically anyone who’s interested to sell all products or promote free trials to their own customers, and if they make a certain amount of monthly quotas they can earn commissions and paid incentives. The free trials allow anyone to use the products free for 30 days and all they need is just an email address. Learn more:

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