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Spiciness and Business Combined – Joel Friant’s Habanero Shakers

Although many people may be unfamiliar, the Scoville scale is actually one of the modern-day inventions when it comes to spicy foods. For example, most individuals would now know how to quantify the difference in spiciness between a regular jalapeno pepper and any other pepper. This is where the scale is used as it classifies the jalapeno at exactly 4,000 units of heat. So, how does one feel when they learn that there is a pepper commonly used that has 200,000 units of heat?

The pepper in question is the habanero pepper. This puts it in the fourth spot of the all-time hottest peppers around the world. Even though it is remarkably spicy, colorful, and soothing, growing a habanero is not difficult.

The process begins with a habanero seed that is planted and left to grow for at least 75 days. Around the 90th day, the pepper should be picked as it has been enough time for its growth and development. Once picked, the size should be around 2 inches in length and the color should be orange to red. Normally, the closer to red it is, the hotter it will be.

To reinforce how spicy and hot this pepper actually is, one can mention that safety gear is necessary when dealing with the picking process. If someone accidentally touches the habanero and then their eye, they could have a dangerous problem on their hands.

Nowadays, people who want to get the product readily available to their doorstep can surely do so. This is thanks to individuals such as Joel Friant. He has been in this business for over two decades. His main product is the habanero shaker that has taken the industry by storm. People across the United States have taken initiative to keep at least one shaker in their spice cabinets.

Joel Friant graduated from the Western Washington University and his business career has been through some ups and downs. In 1995, he had to retrieve from the market of habanero peppers but he came back soon afterward. Today, Mr. Friant is able to profit from the growing popularity of his habanero shakers!

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