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Rocketship Education May Not Have Been Given A Fair Shake By NPR:

Rocketship Education is a system of charter schools that have made some significant gains for its student base. Students of this unique charter school system have consistently demonstrated better test score than average. This is typically lauded as one of the great benefits of sending school children to charters schools.

Despite these successes though, there have been critics. One of the most notable criticisms of Rocketship Education came from the writings of Anya Kamenetz, a notable blogger who works with NPR. Though the piece in question does raise some important overall issues, there is also a real question as to whether to piece was truly fair and unbiased.

The fact is matter is that school really is a personal experience and no one is happy when they find out that a student is being treated inappropriately. Striving for the absolute best is the goal of every school, the question becomes how to offer these possibilities to each and every student who comes through the door. The way that Rocketship Education has managed its classrooms, as well as the way staff members are distributed and the way that technology is implemented was a major topic of discussion and criticism in the NPR piece, but the truth is that NPR missed the mark in many ways when it comes to the performance of Rocketship Education.

The piece by NPR often seems to lack the context that Rocketship Education works within. The inability or unwillingness of the author to compare Rocketship Education’s program with that of neighborhood schools is indeed problematic. The NPR piece also fails to acknowledge the simple fact that the Rocketship Education schools are vastly popular. The fact that the article has an overall lack of context in its criticisms that are levied is a sign that there is a critical balance missing with this particular news story. One could also argue that the NPR piece is lacking in some journalistic integrity in that it seems to be more focused on bringing Rocketship Education down, rather than an accurate reporting of the circumstances that present a true balance.

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