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Louis Chenevert Gives Tips On How To Improve Business

Louis Chenevert has held many high ranking positions with various internationally known companies. Some of the positions he has held include Production General Manager at GM Motors to President of Pratt & Whitney from 1999 to 2006 and Exclusive Advisor at Goldman Sachs. Graduating from the Université de Montréal, Louis Chenevert earned his bachelor’s degree in Commerce in production management.

Business Improvement Tips

Today we look at an article dated June 5th, 2018. In this article, Louis Chenevert gives tips in improving business by “investing” in employees. The article begins with a brief discussion about what goes through the minds of business owners who are looking to improve their business. It describes that many may look to technology or an outside source to make improvements. It goes on to say that, “investing in your current employees is perhaps the best way …” Then it lists several reasons why doing so can help improve business. One of the reasons mentioned is the familiarity of your current employee’s ability. Specifically, business owners “know what they [employees] can and can’t handle.”

The article moves on to talk about changes in the workplace. It describes that creating a more enjoyable workplace for employees will inspire employees to be more “productive”. Many business owners will obviously think about cost when it comes to investing in improvements. Louis Chenevert says that cost can be kept at minimal by simply adding a “ping pong table or an arcade game” at the workplace. This, in turn, can create a pleasing environment for the employees to enjoy their time while at work.

Various other tips are covered in the next few paragraphs of the article. It covers tips on rewarding hard-working employees through recognition. By recognizing hard-working employees you are telling them that you appreciate and recognize their hard work in making improvements to the business through their performance. Next, it talks about an education-based program for employees. He talks about the “lifelong learning program” and how investing in your employee’s continued education can allow employees to earn certification and degrees that can help improve the company. The article ends with “team building” and “bonding” exercises to help improve and increase positive moods when employees arrive to work each day.

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