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Jojo Hedaya-A Very Young Founder of Unroll.Me

Jojo Hedaya was born in 1989. He attended a Jewish high school in New York and later went to Israel for further studies but did not graduate. He founded and became the CEO of his company Unroll.Me in 2011. Out of his own personal problems with his friend Josh Rosenwald, he decided to create Unroll.Me, after realizing that his friend could not reply to his emails because of junk mails that made it difficult for one to read an important email.

Unroll .Me is an email organization that goes through all your inbox subscriptions and combines them into one mail. In this manner, a user is able to scroll down and look at all subscriptions, deciding which ones to keep and those to get rid of. It also allows the user to decide the time they want the subscription updates to come in and be combined as one. This application is typically free to all users, and therefore Mr. Jojo Hedaya makes his profit though advertising the application. Even though Jojo never graduated, he says that he would never advice anyone to skip their degree so that they can start a company. He continues to say that he’ll go back to school at some point and acquire his degree. He advices young people to work hard and learn some new skills every day.

Since he started his company as a startup enterprise, he understands how it feels and has gone ahead to share some of the applications that will make a small business owner manage their resources and work efficiently. Among the applications include the Slack messaging app that helps users combine all the conversations in a single channel, and they can later customize them the way they want. The Mint app is another useful tool that helps small entrepreneurs manage their financial records. Another one is called Perka. This helps both the customer and the business owner make a transaction remotely. A customer logs in and his name appears in business’ account, this way he can make any purchase. Jojo Hedaya also include his app Unroll .Me that allows busy business people organize their emails. He urges that startup entrepreneurs need to have these apps to manage their day to day activities.

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