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Joel Friant Shares The Benefits Of Eating Habanero Peppers

Over the course of his career Joel Friant has owned a number of home-based businesses. Some of these have been in the real estate industry. For example, he once had a home remodeling business and for a few years he was a house flipper where he bought foreclosed homes, made repairs, and sold the home to someone else within six months. He has also worked as both a real estate agent and as a mortgage broker. He also once owned a restaurant in the state of Washington where he sold fast Thai food.

The food industry is one where Joel Friant has found substantial success. Around 23 years ago he released a new product he had created called The Habanero Shaker. It came in a flake format and had no additives, spices, or salt added. The Habanero Shaker was sold in Washington State grocery store chains. He accomplished his goal of proving the sales of this product and decided to move onto other interests.

It was in 2012 that Joel Friant decided he would enter the world of selling products online. He took some courses on selling products online and then recalled selling The Habanero Shaker in physical stores. He decided to move this product online and now sells The Original Habanero Shaker on Amazon’s website. He spreads word of this product by extolling its virtues of spiciness level, flavor, and health benefits.

The Original Habanero Shaker, which is made in America, is hot but not too hot, he says. It’s less hot than the liquid type of habanero but Joel Friant says the flake version is the perfect heat and retains all of the flavor. He says the flavor has hints of smokiness and butter and it goes great on just about everything.

Joel Friant cites research that has been released showing how eating habanero peppers can help people lead healthier lives. One substance in these peppers is capsaicin which has been shown to be a bacteria killer. He also says this substance speeds up your metabolism and may help people lose excess weight. They also contain lots of vitamins A and C so putting everything together they’re a great thing to eat.

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