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Jim Toner: Start Small Grow Big in Real Estate

Jim Toner is a Venture capitalist in real estate and a business mentor. His company Jim Toner Wealth Builders is much more than just a company. It’s a lifeline for all willing individuals to learn and make money. In the current world where there are so many get rich quick scams Jim Toner Wealth builders present a legit lifeline for everyone to make money. For over 25 years Jim Toner has used his understanding of the real estate industry to make a fortune for himself and has helped others too.

Jim Toner models his business to build a haven for the public to invest in real estate. Real estate investment has been viewed as a venture for the who is who in society. Well, that is not right, and Jim Toner and his company are challenging this notion to the core. The greatest way to impact this change in the industry is by changing the mindset. The popular belief in the world that you need to be at least a millionaire to be an investor in the real estate. It’s for this reason that Jim Toner organises free mentorship lessons and factories. Where he impresses upon the mind of the attendees; the need to change the perception set and exactly how they can invest in the business. His genuine care for people and the belief that each person deserves financial freedom makes him connect with his mentees. Over the years, people have travelled from far and wide to listen and learn from his experience. Jim Toner’s company also helps to identify and advise its clients on where and when to invest to maximize profits. There is an assurance in making earnings once you invest with Jim Toner Wealth Builders.

As a businessman is a professional. A critical thinker who is always thinking of the best way possible to help others achieve financial freedom. In his book, The Consumer’s Guide to Investment Real estate, outlines some of the reasons why the big boys in the real estate want everyone to believe it’s a hard break. He further breaks down very simple strategies that are an easy learn and master for everyone that can give an easy break in the Real estate industry.

The book has great reviews world over from people who have read and applied the strategies as outlined in the book and the ideas have driven to financial freedom. His approach in the book is typically real without sugar coating. It’s a wake-up call to all those who are waiting to make ‘the monies’ to invest. He further breaks down the potential of the industry which according to him is the greatest money maker. So, starting small is a viable option.

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