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Jed McCaleb Speaks On Stellar

Jed McCaleb is a co-founder of Stellar. Stellar has been suggested to be the future of banking. It allows for financial transactions to be carried out across the world, at any point in time instantly. It is an open protocol for transactions and payments. It is a secure and reliable source for banking. For less than a penny, the fees that come along with using this platform are very miniscule. Stellar involves the connection of people, banks and payment systems into fast and secure integration for real time affordable banking.

A four day event of technology savvy people met at the Tel Aviv Fintech Week event. The Barclays Bank held event had an evening led by founder and speak Jed McCaleb. Him along with other speaks touched on the subjects of fintech, cyber security and blockchain technology. The hub of people sitting before Jed McCaleb were interested in learning more about his platform Stellar and its innovation.

Jed McCaleb began his speech by talking about the future of blockchain technology. He eventually got around to highlighting his non profit organization and how Stellar is revolutionizing the way banking is done. He explained to the beaming audience how Stellar handles protocols for payments. The way Stellar operates is if there is a digital dollar somewhere, Stellar backs it up with a physical dollar. This makes Stellar very unique from all other payment platforms available.

Jed McCaleb’s idea about Stellar came from his previous work history and experience with working with bitcoin. He knew a great deal about mining with cryptocurrency. He also knew the mining business is a pretty big business with over a billion dollars of investment already in this industry. So, he wanted to create a solution for the mining and payment worlds. He believes Bitcoin is a dream and with Stellar that dream can be pushed to new heights.

Jed McCaleb is a startup founder of many other financial companies. He brings with him several years of experience with starting and operating business, creating financial systems to better the lives of people and fostering tomorrow’s innovative payment solutions.

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