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Jed Mccaleb: Pioneer Of The Cryptocurrency World

The cryptocurrency business had become a real venture since nine years ago in 2009. This realization has been achieved through the growth of Bitcoin. The source of this trend which could change the momentum of various industries was the Blockchain technology. It also led to innovative agenda of business developer and programmers; Jed McCaleb being the first few early leaders in this field.

Jed McCaleb created Stellar; a finance crypto platform that would cater to the wealthy and poor people. He launched the network in 2014 with the purpose of helping every financial need of the users in any way possible. The CTO revealed that the system was a non-profit fund which was like an open source network for all users to benefit from cross-border payments.

The aspect that secludes lumens or stellars from other online currencies is that acquiring the lumens is free. This factor showed the willingness and motive of the company to do a varied number of social causes.

Jed McCaleb and his business partner Kim founded the Stellar Development Fund to provide ease with few to no restrictions online payment network for the whole universe. After installing some few upgrades to the system, the platform, as from 2015, would allow a very secure as well as a fast transaction by the users.

The reason for starting the network was to make it easy and secure for the users to store and invest without using the banks. It was revealed that many people defaulted on utilizing the banking system due to various reasons.

Stellar plans to solve all these problems is to improve the accessibility of the users as well as giving the users education on how the platform is used. Giving users the access to XLM is also another added method of solving these problems.

As noted in an article from, Jed McCaleb is the Chief Technological Officer at the company he co-founded called Stellar.Org. His primary role is to lead and oversee the technical development of the company’s platform. He is on the advising team of MIRI; the institution has various research on intelligence which is to be used for positive output and impacts. Before starting Stellar, he had multiple projects under his name like eDonkey as well as Mt. Gox.

Jed McCaleb is on LinkedIn. Connect with him now.

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