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Jed McCaleb Bases New Companies On Bitcoins Platform

Jed McCaleb, the founder of online platforms such as Ripple and eDonkey, recently participated in a Q & A discussion in which he touched on a number of subjects ranging from the development of his new company, Stellar, to his excitement regarding the budding technology, artificial intelligence. While examining the enormous potential of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Jed McCaleb had the idea to create a universal financial network that would connect the world’s unbanked population with outlets that they were traditionally unable to take advantage of. The result of this is his company Stellar, which has already garnered usage from several major businesses and organizations throughout the developing world.

Jed McCaleb attributes his ability to remain productive to a simple process that he has incorporated into his daily life. By breaking down his workday into two separate categories, “focus mode” and “reactive mode” he is able to gain maximum efficiency when tending to his daily tasks. While in focus mode, Mr. McCaleb concentrates on building the actual product that he is representing, spending a large amount of his time coding for Stellar. When in reactive mode, he focuses on completing the business tasks associated with networking, such as sending and responding to emails. By utilizing this process, he is able to maximize his productivity in a repeatable fashion.

In recent years, Jed McCaleb has developed another passion that focuses on the exciting new technology, artificial intelligence. While artificial intelligence is not a new concept, as we continue to make technological advances, the prospects for the near future continue to grow. In his own estimation, artificial intelligence will have an effect on the whole of the world that will rival the agricultural revolution in impact. In an effort to become more directly involved with the artificial intelligence movement, Mr. McCaleb recently came aboard the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, functioning both as an advisor and as a donor to the cause. Although he admits that the prospects for artificial intelligence are both exciting and scary, the Machine Intelligence Research Institute is geared at helping to create tools that will allow future generations to continue implementing the technology in a way that is safe and productive.

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