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How Eric Lefkofsky is Saving Lives

Eric Lefkofsky, the 47-year old does not like starting new companies. However, Eric and his partner Brad Keywellhave built a lucrative tech business in Chicago. At his stage in his career, Eric’s priority is not to venture into startups; it was only after his wife got cancer that that he was compelled to start Tempus and read full article.

Eric and Keywell provided a better solution to cancer by introducing a data-based method to cancer management. The two started tempus which masters a patient’s growth and proposes a treatment design to battle it. Lefkofsky has his main focus on Tempus beyond his previous projects. He refers to Tempus as a great solution to treatment of cancer by integrating modern technology.

According to Eric, he intends to run the company from his own funds so he doesn’t have to waste time looking for funding. His dislike in starting companies result from the pressure involved. Thus, starting tempus was mainly to solve a problem in his life; his wife’s cancer. He felt the medical industry was not doing enough to combat cancer from his interaction with cancer patients.

Tempus stores clinical histories from previous patients to help physicians treat similar cases. The organization has partnered with different healthcare companies including the Mayo Clinic, the University of Chicago and University of Michigan. The institutions send cancer patients to Tempus synchronize them and send reports back to the oncologists.

He proudly speaks of Tempus having to solve serious medical problems. At his age, he feels he has accomplished a major project through Tempus. Eric says that the success of his company took time to show. He measures his success by how much patients and physician gain from his services and what Eric knows.

Lefkofsky terms his company as the best music he had ever made. His company has gained popularity from cancer centers. He is most assured that Tempus will be his most successful act to date.


About Lefkofsy

Eric Lefkofsky is the CEO of Tempus, the company that established a technology-based approach to cancer treatment.He is a co-founder of Lightbank, which invests in disrupting technology. Eric also serves as the Chairman of Groupon, an e-commerce site.

He is a co-founder of Uptake Technologies, an analytics program for industries. Also, he is a partner in Echo Global Logistics, a tech-based transport company and InnerWorkings dealing with print and advertising solutions.

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