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Dr. Shafik Sachedina Leads Sussex Healthcare To Greatness

The career history of Dr. Shafik Sachedina is perhaps one of the most encouraging for most medical practitioners in the industry. The expert of Dental Surgery has over the past years committed his time and effort to developing his career in different institutions.

As a leader and a manager in different medical sectors, Shafik Sachedina has been trusted to guide various team players in different capacities. As a result, he was appointed as a leader in the Islamic Publication Limited, when he turned 41. From then on, Shafik has been instrumental in holding four major leadership positions in different countries.

Leadership by Shafik

In every organization, the direction a firm takes depends on the values and ethics of the individual in charge. A great leader inspires workers to give their best in every situation. An astute leader is focus-driven and inclined to offer excellent results.

Shafik is an excellent example of the stated leadership aspects of every project he has handled has been a success story. While serving in various capacities, his experience roots from the Aga Khan Foundation, a renowned medical institute, known for offering revolutionary medical experiences.

Background Data

Shafik hails from Tanzania. Born in 1950, he was a hard-working individual whose success is attributed to his focus and passion for succeeding. He first worked at Guy’s Hospital Medical as a dental surgeon.

Garnering vast medical experience, he was well positioned to advance his career. That is when he joined the London University for Dental Surgery and graduated to enter the industry of medical practitioners. He was positive about experiencing different sectors of the medical industry within dental surgery. Spending most of his career practice in England, Shafik was able to co-found an institution called Sussex Health Care.

Sussex Health

At Sussex, Shafik was trusted with the directorship of the firm. The institution focuses on offering support as well as care facilities to the aged. These people have often been diagnosed with dementia, neurological disorders, as well as PMLD issues. With Shafik’s guidance, the institution has assisted several families to handle their elderly relatives. The firm’s independence gives it the authority to employ qualified professionals in addition to management that runs the nursing homes. Besides, they are responsible for formulating viable policies. Sussex’ success is attributed to Shafik’s leadership capabilities. As the chairman of the firm, he seeks to offer guidance based on the individual needs of every client.

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