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Dr. David Samadi’s New Show, “Sunday House call with Dr. David Samadi”

The new Dr. David Samadi TV program is an ultimate grand slam solution for answering the many health questions that runs through our minds on a regular basis. Each week, his program, Sunday House call with Dr. David Samadi, airs live @ to answer your most troubled and anxious health questions imaginable. Expect the program to offer a discussion-based interactive format to engage the viewers for a more direct, personal and accurate answer response system, adaptable to even the most difficult questions that you may think is impossible during live airing. You can either answer questions on live television or during the next week’s show and receive a quick, but specifically related answer! A great thing about this broadcast is that Dr. David Samadi features medical expert guests for question answering assistance and he only works with specialists who have a peer-reviewed medical product on the market, and learn more about David Samadi.

This live local health program airs for New York listeners, but available to other locations as well via internet. Listeners can expect health related topics in association with the latest news stories of the medical field. Not to limit the broad range of topics, but such topics relate to: women’s health, exercise and diet. Not only will you receive answers and advice from the host, Dr. David Samadi, but from a slew of other medical professionals as well, those with a prestigious background in medicine that can give viewers a different understanding of the various health conscience topics discussed, and

​In addition, Dr. David Samadi offers regular treatment tips in relation to weekly related topics. As a licensed doctor, Samadi has always been one who have held dear to the approach of reaching out to various people in order to better their life condition through health. And, his show, “Sunday House call with Dr. David Samadi“, capitalizes, taking a positive approach towards his passion of reaching out for the sake of health awareness since September of this year.

​By tuning in every Sunday to House Call with Dr. David Samadi, you can receive much needed health education on many of the most popular topics in medicine and not only that, experience a discussion-based interactive experience to best tackle questions that a general answer from a non-interactive experience just couldn’t handle. Tune in every Sunday @ 12:30 – 1:00 p.m.! Become a more health conscience human being every week with Dr. David Samadi!

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