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Doe Deere Exceeds The Internet In Intricate Bold Shades And Hues

The world of makeup is a difficult one to enter and an even harder one to stay in. Despite that, Doe Deere has managed to make herself one of the most respected names in cosmetics going on for years. She started out as a makeup artist giving out her tips on Youtube, but things have advanced so much further from that point. You can now enjoy her makeup for yourself and try out your own style. There’s something truly special about what’s she done. However, she wants to do so much more for people and she believes this is the best foot forward.

The Path She’s Forged

Deere has created the perfect formula for the Millennial generation thanks to her online videos. Instead of the traditional methods of making it into the cosmetics industry, she started out with Ebay and went forward with a plan to create something much greater than that. Since she’s founded Lime Crime the brand has managed to make headlines for its creativity and for bringing so many people into the world of trendy cosmetics. It’s continued on that path ever since.

More Than Just Money

Deere has made a name for herself because she isn’t simply in this business for money. She want to use her position to serve as a platform for causes she considers important. Animal welfare is one of the things she holds dear to her heart and she uses this platform as a way to give a voice to the animals that otherwise find themselves ignored. It takes the efforts of people who have a platform to speak in order for these things to change. With her help animal welfare has been placed into the public consciousness where something can be done.

The Next Generation Of Thinkers

Doe Deere’s success is something we can clearly see in front of us without any question. She wants to give the next generation their own chance to create their own wealth through the speeches she delivers. These speeches give young women a chance to learn from someone who has done exactly what they want to do, but she wants to inspire people to go beyond what she did. She wants to see things go in a direction they’ve been seen before. If she’s able to inspire the next generation to reach those heights it just might be worth it. Learn more:

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