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Clayton Hutson On Being Prepared And Cool New Technology

Working in the music industry can be a rich and rewarding experience. Luckily for Clayton Hutson he gets to do this as a living and loves it. Some of the perks are that he gets to experience is to meet cool people from all walks of life, he gets to travel the world,and of course get to see cool music shows.


Clayton Hutson has been working the entertainment industry for quite some time now. He owns a production company that helps musicians set up their concert on the technical side. His skills include being a live sound engineer, production manager, he does rigging, stage management, production design, is a show producer, is a monitor engineer, and logistics manager. With this many skills and lots of experience in the music field it’s no wonder big names are calling on Clayton to go on tour with them.


He has plenty of experience working for other companies, but wanted to start his own business. These experiences allowed him to utilize these skills and knowledge to run his company very well. He brings his set ideas to life by visualizing them in his mind. These concepts come to life and he also hears what they sound like with the help of his imagination. Once Clayton Hutson solidifies his vision and concept he brings them to life with effort, time, energy, and lots of hard work. He is extremely diligent, detail orientated, and thorough so everything goes off without a hitch. He is always three steps ahead of the game so he is well prepared for anything that comes his way. A new trend in the music industry that Mr. Hutson is excited about it technology and how it is rapidly changing. Sound equipment gets better, more impressive, and lighter to carry. Lighting is getting more advanced, intricate, and eye-catching. The list certainly goes on and there are so many new products for the taking. With concerts nowadays you really have to impress musicians and their fans, so you can skimp out on anything. It has to be big, amazing, and fun. Clayton achieves this goal by arriving first on set to go over a check list, check the stage, and just get ready for the day. He will also be one of the last to leave. Not shying away from long hours is one of the reasons why Clayton is a highly requested production manager. Learn more:

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