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Betsy DeVos: Strength, Class, and Determination

To the untrained eye Betsy DeVos’s class might be mistaken for weakness. When President Donald Trump named her the secretary of education he most likely knew that this philanthropic and educational veteran will be loyal but will also fight hard for what she believes in. He learned this first hand when she opposed his move to rescind a federal policy that allowed transgender school children to use the restroom that corresponded to how they personally identified. Learn more here:


Betsy DeVos was vocal behind closed doors about her opposition to this move. She also warned a representative of gay and transgender employees in the department of education that this move was coming. In public, however, she remained loyal to the president and did not speak on the issue. Perhaps she understood that if real change was to be made they would have to work together,even when they disagree.


Those who have worked with Betsy DeVos through the years have warned that she is a fierce advocate for what she believes in and will not bow to pressure. She earned this reputation throughoutnher decades of politics in the state of Michigan, where she fought to fund charter schools in the hopes of properly serving the young minds of the state. Opponents and allies alike came to respect her for her drive and dedication to fixing the state’s education system.


Betsy, and her husband Dick, have a long history in the political arena. They have been longtime supporters of republican candidates and Dick DeVos staged an unsuccessful gubernatorial bid. They have worked for years to establish a system of privately funded schools in the hopes of providing quality education for all students through a voucher system that gives families choices in education.


Donald Trump’s appointment of Betsy DeVos to the position of Secretary of Education was controversial from the beginning. Many opponents derided her for her lack of experience and her ideas on education. These opponents are beginning to see her tough as nails approach and her willingness to do what is necessary for what she believes in.


Betsy DeVos is a good example of an American success story. She was born into an affluent family but never lost sight of what was important in life. She worked hard to achieve many goals and then, along with her husband, fought in the political arena to better education in her home state of Michigan, and now the rest of the country. Many people underestimated her and were skeptical of her ability to fix the country’s educational system. Many agree with her philosophies, many disagree, but it is clear that the political world is learning that she will not give up and is a force to be reckoned with.

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