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Betsy DeVos: Politically Humble but not Harmless

Because of Betsy DeVos’s recent humility in the situation regarding President Trump’s rescinding of the transgender bathroom policy, people may view her as polite and humble. However, Betsy DeVos is quite a fighter. The world has seen this in her in the past, and it will see more of it in the future. She stands firm for everything that she believes in, and she keeps trying even if the odds are against her and her cause.


Betsy was very calm when she announced to the world that the president would rescind the previous ruling to allow transgendered individuals to use the bathroom that they felt best suited them. Mrs. Devos was noted as saying that the Obama Administration had gone too far when it put that ruling in place. Because of the way that Mrs. DeVos handled herself, the masses believed that the Trump Administration held a unified front on the matter. To the contrary, Mrs. DeVos had made efforts to keep the ruling in place. No one had any idea that this struggle was going on within the administration because of Mrs. DeVos’s professionalism and calm demeanor. Citizens should not take them as a sign of weakness, however, because Mrs. DeVos is a very strong woman who has an element of fight in her that some people who do not know her may have missed.


Devos’s recent efforts to defend the policy fell upon the deaf ears of President Trump, who seemed to favor Attorney General Jeff Session’s stance on the transgender bathroom issue over hers. Sessions has been in politics for decades, and Trump has been listening to him for a long time. Many people watched how Mrs. DeVos handled herself, however, and they say that they will not be surprised if they see her learning the tricks of the trade quickly, developing stronger battling skills, and then winning political fights in the future. DeVos has already shown her determination according to ex-Attorney General, Mike Cox. He said he found Mrs. DeVos to be quite persistent when she wanted something to go her way.


Betsy DeVos grew up in a wealthy family and has a strong political and religious ties. Her upbringing is in the Christian faith, and she is currently married to Dick DeVos, who is a prominent businessman, basketball team owner and politician. His extended family is one of the richest in the nation. Her background in religion has made her sensitive to important matters, compassionate toward others and tolerant of various types of personalities and lifestyles. DeVos has achieved a lot, but some of her greatest achievements have been in her campaigns to make education available for everyone. Mrs. DeVos strongly believes that children should have the opportunity to get the richest educations no matter where they live, and they should not be forced to attend poor school systems because of their locations. Thus, she launched the voucher program that allowed that to happen. The team of herself and her husband has made tremendous progress with those efforts.


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