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Betsy DeVos: Accessible Education for Everyone

Education is one of the most important things that should be given to the people, and one of its requirements is that it should be accessible to everyone. In the United States, Betsy DeVos is considered as one of the most active personalities who are campaigning to change the American Education system and make it more accessible to everyone. Betsy DeVos came from an influential family, and she married Dick DeVos, who belongs to the rich and powerful DeVos clan. Betsy DeVos is a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur, and because of her advocacies focusing on education, the current president of the United States appointed her as the new United States Secretary of Education.


She dedicated her free time in visiting the poorest communities in the United States and choosing several children whom she will be giving financial assistance for them to be able to go to school. He is the proponent of the idea that children should have the freedom to choose where they wanted to study, and she also spearheaded the school voucher program. Betsy DeVos’ idea of letting a child decided where he or she wanted to study has been called out positively by other groups. They stated that giving a child the freedom to choose where he or she wanted to study would greatly improve their decision making skills. It would also affect their school performance, making them one of the best in their classes. Betsy DeVos believes that children should have the final say where they wanted to go, which is why she is also handing out discount vouchers to assist the parents who will be sending their kids to school.


Betsy DeVos, aside from her school voucher program and promoting the children’s freedom of choice, is also active in helping other people through their family’s foundation. She, along with her husband, established the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation decades ago, which aims to help groups and organizations who share the same idea and sentiments with the family. They are also supporting a number of conservative Christian institutions like schools, hospitals, and missionary works. They have also donated a huge sum of money to research facilities and museums, and because of their family’s generosity, they have been named as one of the top givers in the United States.


Presently, Betsy DeVos is performing her duty to the country serving as the United States Secretary of Education. She is making sure that the country’s problems with the educational system will be addressed under her term. Part of her platform is to enact the school voucher program in all of the United States, where in millions of children will benefit. She has been using her influence to persuade the law makers to bring significant changes to the American Educational System.


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