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At Traveling Vineyard You find Unparalleled Wine Services

The Traveling Vineyard started in 2001 and is based in Ipswich, Massachusetts. They specialize in the wine industry, provides the better-priced variety that leads to customer satisfaction. Their products and services are marketed by Independent representatives who are estimated to be around 5,000 people. The company has a team of Directors and other stakeholders that nurture the Wine Guides developments and encourage them in their work. The company has grown to fulfill the sense of accomplishment, fun trips and events, and financial success.

The Traveling Vineyard has representatives called independent Wine Guides. The Wine Guides are sent out to the customers where they provide an in-home tasting of the exclusive wines. The Wine Guides choose the environment and working schedules The Company sends them with Success Kit containing wine tutorials like tasting bottles, notes on various wines. They organize events that are well attended and provide exclusive wines and entertainment. Party plan model is a method of direct selling that the company uses and what Traveling Vineyard knows.

There are number of advantages one would benefit from by participating in Traveling Vineyard. The events are characterized by informative training sessions on various topics as well as exhilarating entertainment. Since the events are attended by people from different fields, the training sessions are educative and so increase skills of the participants. Through monthly wine club sales, building teams and online sales are some of the ways in which the Traveling Vineyard earns their income and their Facebook.

With the presence of Traveling Vineyard on social media, their sales are reported to have increased. Their experiences shared by their customers themselves works out as it creates their awareness and markets them better known. The company has accounts on the social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It is through these accounts the company keeps updating their clients in case of any developments. Through media, the company has reputable name as they hold up to ethical standards and resume their.

Customer loyalty works for the company through their social media platforms. They maintain this by giving rewards and takeaways through the platforms. The strategy has worked so good as it has increased the club membership and increased direct sales for the company. The company has opportunities in the sense that wine is a consumable product and it can be reordered as there is appeal in every taste; no pressure as the sales and services are done to the comfort of the customers and

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