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Article Title: Steve Ritchie and his impressive journey

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After Papa Johns faced huge blowout due to the actions of a previous president, a new precedent for the brand had to be set, and that is where Steve Ritchie jumped in. He wrote a carefully and well-guided apology letter for the customers of Papa Johns and the fans in general. He made sure to do everything right by including a direct apology and being empathetic towards his audience. He made sure that certain behavior would not be tolerated by the company from any employee no matter what their position is and how important they are to the brand.

Steve Ritchie’s letter approach clearly showed that the views attached to Papa Johns negative image beforehand are not his views and distanced the company from them as well by claiming that these views were of one person and one person only. The company believes in inclusion and wants to better their work culture. His empathetic and inspiring words have won over the customers. He claimed that Papa John was bigger than just the employees and even the founder himself. He said that Papa Johns was not only a company of one but of 120,000 and millions of loyal customers. Everyone made the brand what it is today.

Steve Ritchie will be personally leading the company’s inclusion process and make sure that they are more diverse. He will personally see to it that all his promises made in that letter are met and that Papa Johns regains the trust and respect of its customers. If these promises are left unaccounted for, he will be personally accountable for them. Now, it is up to us that we can either accept this second apology that seems to come from a sincere heart and effort. Papa Johns is a world-renowned pizza brand that has won the hearts of millions, but it shows that it can take one person to ruin it all due to ill-fated views. Hopefully, the company has realized its mistake and stand to correct these mistakes. Steve Ritchie is the newest president- let us see what changes he brings forth.

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